IDiscover Consulting Group was started in 2004 by Brian Cohen, a business advisor with over 20 years experience.

My goal is to be a trusted business advisor to small to medium-sized organizations - an advisor they want to keep around! I pride myself on being easy to work with and "fit" into just about ANY business environment.

My client philosophy:

  • I respect the knowledge and talent that my clients already have. 
  • I immerse myself in my client and their business. 
  • I treat my clients as unique individuals. Nothing "cookie-cutter" here.
  • I help my clients seek out practical, common-sense solutions.

My goals are to: 

  • Help my clients rediscover their fundamental purpose and objectives – and outline a compelling vision for the future. 
  • Help them bring order to a chaotic environment – by defining and choosing their best strategy for growth. 
  • Ground their brand and marketing strategies in the fundamentals.