This Week's Must Reads

Hey everyone! The family is on vacation in San Diego this week. We've been hanging out at the condo at Mission Beach since Saturday. Nice! But, as always, I like to share some of the great things I've read (and shared) for business leaders over the last week or so. So, here's your weekly summary. Enjoy!

  • This article in The Economist magazine took a look at current business issues around the globe...and it ain't pretty:
  • Failure is all too often a part of entrepreneurship. So I thought it was helpful to read this article about how you can learn to fail without becoming a failure:
  • On Friday, I shared this article with a bunch of motivational quotes for you:
  • In case you missed Friday's job was pretty crummy. U.S. companies slowed their hiring drastically in May (only +39K, forecast was +158K), unemployment fell as people dropped out of the labor force.
  • This article shared some things you need to know about small business and search engine optimization:
  • Not all media attention is good attention. This article gave tips about how to handle bad media attention and reviews:
  • This article shared the news that Microsoft is getting in the venture capital game - to support startups that augment Microsoft's core products:
  • In this article Business Insider shared that Forbes reported that Theranos CEO's wealth is now zero - and the co's value is $800 million:
  • Not all steps you might take to run and grow your small business are clear. Sometimes they can even be counterintuitive. This article shared what some of those might be:
  • This article touched on how the keys to success for retailers is not just the products they sell, but also in how authentic they are:
  • Running an e-commerce website isn't always (ever) easy. This article shared some ideas on how to boost e-commerce sales by building trust, removing and friction your landing page might have and, engaging with potential customers:
  • There are different kinds of barriers that could get in the way of growing your business. This article shared a few of them to look out for - and ways around them:
  • It seems like there are constantly new, be-all, and end-all business strategies that are coming out. I don't have to tell you that they NEVER work. This article talks about why:
  • This article shared some ideas about how to be an authentic, successful leader:
  • Did you know that about 85% of Facebook video ads are watched with the sound off? I didn't. But it makes sense that it's true. This article talked about the importance of subtitles and other ways to make a video ad relevant - even without sound:
  • Even Alibaba CEO Jack Ma (worth $23+ billion) had some failures. This article shared what some of those were - and how he overcame them:

This last week I was thinking a lot about how simply being responsive in a timely and meaningful way and can make a difference for your company. Here are a few tips I shared:

  • Make sure your company has a culture that embraces openness and the personal touch - and is responsive to customers.
  • Make sure you assign specific people the responsibility (and accountability) for responding to inquiries.

  • Quickly respond to incoming messages/inquiries (including turning around emails, phone messages, etc.).
  • Demonstrate respect for customers and others by giving quick, accurate responses to all inquiries.

And my latest blog post followed this idea as well. I hope you give it a read! Can Just Responding Really Be a Competitive Advantage?

Well guys that’s it for today. Enjoy your reading. Leave a comment on the blog. Be sure to share this post and the blog with your colleagues.

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Have an awesome week!