This Week's Must Reads

Hey guys! Happy Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend - and are looking down the barrel of a positive and productive week. Here are a few items I came across (and wrote) last week that I think you'll find valuable. 

  • Can you repurpose your content to monetize your blog? It seems you can.  
  • It's so true that #Innovation requires curiosity:  
  • Content that’s in tune with what your audience needs is what REALLY drives online engagement.  
  • This video gives us a framework to help find our own personal story - and tell it compellingly:  
  • These are the habits that make trustworthy leaders trustworthy:  
  • Great insight into what make UnderArmor successful. There's substance under that brand. 
  • Here's why you should be more of a planner (even if you hate it):  
  • Didn't we hear that the tech market was a bubble ready to crash? Here's why maybe it didn't: 
  • This is a good way of looking at things when your plans don't go as expected:  
  • The secret to improved productivity and creativity just might be to collaborate LESS: 

Last week I thought a lot about the issue of how to get yourself re-motivated and re-energised in your business. At some point or another we all lose some steam, and how hard it can be to get yourself going again. I shared some thoughts about that:

  • Sometimes someone from the “outside” can help push you toward resolving your lack of excitement for your business.
  • Sometimes a new project or new goals is just what you need to help you regain momentum and excitement in your business.
  • One way to regain your energy for your business is to look back and rediscover what attracted you in the first place.
  • Build time into your schedule to reflect on your career, business, life. It’s a step toward re-energizing yourself.

And my last blog post focused on some ideas for how to pull yourself out of that rut. I hope you'll read it (if you haven't already) - and add your own ideas: "Gettin' The Passion Back".

Well guys that’s it for today. Enjoy your reading. Leave a comment on the blog. Be sure to share this post and the blog with your colleagues.

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Have an awesome week!