Wanna work with me? I SURE wanna work with you!

So, how does this go?

I have a ton of flexibility to work with you any way that makes sense for you. Most clients feel that working closely together to develop a growth plan (if you don't already have one ready to go) and then having me by their side as a sounding board and coach as they implement their strategies is a great idea. In a nutshell, I want to work with you in a way that makes the most sense for you. So, let's figure it out together. 

Of course, we'll design a way to work together that's unique to your needs, but in general here's what working with me often looks like:

Getting To Know Each Other

Think of this as a "launch" phase. We spend time getting to know each other in-depth. I get to know more about where you are now (and how you arrived here).

  • You complete a new client questionnaire which gives me a good idea of your background, style, and personal goals, as well as your business plan (as it exists) and your longer-term business goals. 
  • I review any strategic planning and marketing materials and messaging you might have available.
  • We hold 1-2 in-depth discussions to dig into where you and your business are at this point in time.

Phase I: Discovery
During this phase we explore the primary ideas behind your business concept. We clarify the key aspects that make your business unique – and then visualize where you want to take your business.

  • Clear idea/business description – including ideal customer
  • Highlight your core values
  • Develop your vision and strategic direction
  • Business summary (incl. management team, product/services, etc.)
  • Define a brand that best fits you

Phase II: Marketing Plan/Strategy
During this phase we dig deeper into your marketing and branding strategy. We better define your brand – and the meaning behind it. We develop messaging to best describe the brand. We better understand competitors and how your business differs from  them in relevant ways. In addition, we will outline how you will attack specific market and sales channels that have the highest likelihood of success.

  • Clear brand definition
  • Competitive analysis
  • Marketing/sales channels – and messaging

Phase III: Financial Summary

In this phase we develop the financial side of your business plan. We put numbers to the various strategies and tactics that you plan to implement. We determine expectations about the business’s financial needs.

  • Operational details
  • Personnel plan
  • Financial needs incl. startup investment
  • Budget, pro forma financial statements

Phase IV: Implementation
This is the phase during which you put the business plan into action - with MY support. I act as a sounding board for questions and issues. We hold regular coaching discussions to review your status, address business issues and decisions, outline upcoming next steps, and challenge you to as a leader. After a few months, I provide the opportunity to continue coaching sessions.

  • Implementing the plan – including coaching.

Some of My Client Work





Here are just a few examples.

  • Marketing strategy for a content marketing professional services business
  • Business strategy for a gourmet kitchen retailer
  • Business-to-business customer feedback for a large dry cleaning company
  • Market research for the professional services arm of a multinational energy company
  • Brand-oriented public opinion polling for a private Midwest university
  • Alumni feedback and public opinion polling for a Texas university
  • Customer feedback assessment and strategy for a clothing cleaners chain
  • Vision and strategy facilitation for a growing creative agency
  • Customer research, strategy, and merger integration for a fast-growth software company
  • Customer research and strategy for an early-stage healthcare software company
  • Market assessment for a startup Internet company